Bird Hunters United

Nationals Locked In

-Casper and Rick Lutt

-Becki and Tracy Jensen

-The Rose and Jeremy Appleby

-Otto and Tracy Jensen

-Duke and Aaron Moser

-Jet and Bill Ernst

-Rooster and Ed Holland

​-Hazel and Jimmy Minden

High Honor and Champion Points

Open Flushing

Nationals Locked In

-Jet and Bill Ernst                    -Tikka and Leeman Nelson

-Reba and Terry Bisgard        -Lady and Nick Sidelmann

-Willie and Rick Lutt

-Bailey and Tim Tucker

-Mae and Dean Menning

-Goldie and Rick Lutt

-Si and Kenny Wilson

Nationals Locked In

-Keyton and Mark Schroeder                    -Bullet and Rusty Baker

-Otto and Tracy Jensen                              -Gump and Ed Holland

-Riddick and Brandon Khan

-Rosie and Clint Minden

-Casper and Rick Lutt

-Murphy and Daniel Teter

-Jackson and Travis Sullivan

Photo by Kyleigh Campbell

Amateur Flushing

Open Pointing

Amateur Pointing

Nationals Locked In

-Tikka and Leeman Nelson        -Miley and Mark Ferrell

-Lady and Nick Siedelmann      -Goldie and Rick Lutt

-Deke and Mark Ferrell              -Lady and Nick Sidelmann

-Rio and Jeremy Appleby

-Lola and Bob Overton

-Chase and Terry Bisgard

-Bailey and Brandon Orr

-Willie and Rick Lutt